Where do you start when recognizing this enormously talented gentleman’s long list of accomplishments and endeavors?  He starts by giving thanks, first to God, and then to his sister Betty Hunter, who got him involved with music at a very early age. His sister was a member of a female singing group that used to practice at his mother’s house in Southwest Washington D.C. He used to sit on the steps and listen to them for hours practicing their songs and vocal harmonies. By the age of twelve He could construct all of the different vocal ranges from first tenor to bass.  It was also at the age of twelve that this musical legend obtained his first guitar.  And the rest is history.

International Recording Artist, Martin O. Cornwell, Jr., is the former bandleader and lead guitarist for the world renowned Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.  He has travelled the world sharing the stage with innumerable giants in the music industry.  He has been featured in Billboard Magazine.  He is a consummate guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, music director and bandleader, and has played on multiple gold and platinum albums.

Martin’s R&B/Jazz style has infiltrated the gospel industry.  His silky, soothing, soulful voice, along with his emotional guitar riffs, combined with the anointing of the blessed Holy Spirit penetrate the core of one’s being and reaches the hearts of God’s people. 

He is the CEO of Martin O. Cornwell Productions (Man Of Christ).  He is also the Music Director for the award-winning “Sing To The King” Television Showcase and Conference, as well as the Minister of Music for Reaching For The World Mini



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